Playing the Lisbon Portuguese Guitarra by Ronald Louis Fernandez (continued)

Section 12d. Fado da Mouraria em Lá Menor by João Victória--in Método de Guitarra                  

The original title of this piece in João Victória's Método de Guitarra was "Fado em Dó Menor (Fado da Mouraria)". I have transposed the piece down a minor 3rd (which is 3 frets).  This piece was written in the old fado tuning (FCDGCD) so by changing the key from Dó Menor (C Minor) to Lá Menor (A Minor) I have kept the original fingering  which we can use in the modern Fado tuning (DABEAB).

Above is the original version of this piece.

 This piece is described as a Fado Da Mouraria. Mouraria is an old section of Lisbon associated with the development of Fado. There is a special arpeggio used in the Mouraria style which is quite distinct. This piece does not have that arpeggio. So, very frankly, I do not know why João Victória labeled it so. Perhaps part of the melody is a typical Mouraria theme. I hope someone contacts me with an opinion on this matter. For my part I will explain the Mouraria arpeggio in a different section on my lessons.