Playing the Lisbon Portuguese Guitarra by Ronald Louis Fernandez (continued)

Section 12e. Fado da Meia Noite em Mi Menor by João Victória--in Método de Guitarra                  

In Método de Guitarra this piece is entitled Fado em Sol Menor (Fado da Meia Noite). As with the other pieces in section 12, I have transposed this piece down a minor 3rd (3 frets) to the key of Mi Menor (E minor) and rewritten it for modern Fado tuning (DABEAB).


In the previous pieces by João Victória that I have presented in Section 12, first and second position chords are written above the staff within parentheses.  For instance, tonic chords are indicated by: 1ª posição, 1ª.pos. or 1ª; and dominant chords by: 2ª.pos. or 2ª. This piece does not have chords suggestions over the staff. However, the fingerings for these 1ª (first) and 2ª (second) position chords are shown in diagrams at the start of the piece.

I have added a subdominant chord in this piece at the 9th, 13th and 22nd measures. For this piece, E minor is the 1ª position (tonic) chord, B seventh is the 2ª position (dominant) chord and A minor is what Portuguese Fado musicians called the 3ª position (subdominant) chord. 

Later in my lessons I will present another version of this piece by another author.