Zambra Guitar Strings--classical and flamenco strings. (November 18, 2011) . Go to our web page on Daniel Mari Strings

We have been using these Zambra strings in our shop for more than a decade as replacement strings on classical and flamenco guitars and have received high praise about them from excellent players.

These strings are made in small quantities of excellent raw materials. The wire windings of the bass strings are wrapped tightly around the core filaments which produces a rich sound full of upper partials (what are commonly called "overtones"). These strings have clear trebles and wound silver colored basses.

We have been stocking 3 different tensions: Standard Tension Flamenco strings are our lowest tension set, next is the Medium Tension Classical set, and then the High Tension Classical set. I recommend the Medium Tension for most classical models and the Flamenco Standard Tension for most flamenco guitars. I recommend the High Tension only for long time players with strong hand--I do not recommend for beginniners.

These exceptional strings have always been made for us in the USA by Daniel Mari whose family has been making strings for generations--they were in an Italian string guild since the year 1600. When we first started to sell these strings we did it has serve to our guitar customer and simply sold them under our Zambra Trademark.

To reduce our inventory costs we have decided (as of November 2011) to simply sell all of these strings under the MARI Label and to discontinue the Zambra label. If you have purchased these strings in the past under the Zambra label, I can assure you that the strings we sell under the MARI label are the exact same strings. One benefit of the MARI packaging is that 2 strings of different gauges are included in each paper envelope--thus the 1st and 4th strings are in one envelop, the 2nd and 5th are in the next envelop and the 3rd and 6th are in the last envelop. This packaging saves the use of 3 paper envelops per plastic package. Under the MARI label we also offer some bass-only string sets

You can see our complete line of Mari Strings at our webpage: Daniel Mari Strings

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