Viola Caipira -- Brazilian Style 10-string guitar-- $500.00

In Portuguese the word "viola" is used for a large category of string instruments. The phrase "viola da arco" means the bowed "viola" (in english, it is the large version of the violin); the viola de mão indicates the guitar-like instrument played with the hand (mão). The viola caipira is a guitar associated wth country folk that is, rural people (who are known as "caipira" in Brazil). This instrument has 10 strings paired into 5 courses and has an open G tuning. There are various tunings but a common tuning is : GDGBD (5th to 1st course, 1st course is the highest); this is the Brazilian Rio-abaixo tuning. There are a few Portuguese tuning: AEF#BE and GDEAD (see caipira).

I have one of these instrument which was made in a good workshop in Portugal. I bought it because it was well made and the sound was quite loud. it has a solid spruce sounboard, back and sides of laminated African Ovankol (aka mongoy), a real wood mosiac, the scale length is 564mm, 42mm the nut width is, 36mm from 1st to 10th string at nut The price is $500 FOB Anacortes, Washington. Soon you will be able to hear and see this instrument in an unlisted section of YouTube.

If you contact me by email, please tell me where you are.  If do not know where you are I cannot calculate frieght costs. I am in Anacortes, Washington.

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