Tres Cubano method book and CD

El Tres Cubano by Jon Griffin, published 2006. $16.95 plus tax and shipping

This is a bilingual instruction book for learning to play the Cuban Tres. It is wriiten in both standard notation and tablature. The 71 musical examples in this book can also be heard on the accompanying CD.

In this book and CD Jon Griffin has provided an excellent method for learning to play the Cuban tres in anauthentic, traditional style.

The method book includes a short history of the Tres Cubano (which shows a photo of a Tres Cubano made by Esteve in Spain) and then proceeds to introduce the various styles: Son Family, Nengón, Changuí and Kiribá, Guajira, Sucu Sucu,Son, Son Montuno, Guaracha, Punto Guajiro, Punto Libre, Tonada, Punto Fijo, Punto Cruzado, Danzón, Cancion, Rumba Complex, Guaguancó, Columbia, Yambú, Comparsa, Mambo and Afro-Cuban,

Under the heading Basics, tuning is discussed and them some preliminary exercises are presented as well as a Son style exercise. Next, scales and chord patterns in C Major, G major, C minor and A minor are presented.

From this point on there are 71 written musical examples which can be heard on the accompanying CD. The musical examples include: 4 traditional introductory riffs (2 in A minor and 2 in C Major), 11 montunos, 12 piano style montunos. Next, there are examples of various styles: 3 Nengón, 4 Changuí, 3 Sucu Sucu, 2 Tonada, 2 Punto Libre, Yo soy Guajiro, 2 Parrandas, 2 Cha-cha-chá, 2 Mambos, Son Guanaja, Son (de la Loma), Son in Eb, Son El Yuma, 5 Sones in A minor, Son de Guantánamo and 5 Sones Guajiro,

There are 4 appendices: 1) on the explaining the clave, 2) ensemble style (with 8 fine examples recorded by Jon Griffin, Carlos Domínguez and Robert Fernández), 3) a description of the physical design of the tres (written by me, Ronald Louis Fernández), and 4) Suggested listening.

Jon Griffin, the author of this method, became interested in Cuban music while studying at the Grove School of Music in California. He continued his studies in Havana, Cuba with Julian Fernandez and Dr. Olvavo Rodríguez. In 1999, in association with Centro de Investigacíon y Desarrollo de la Música Cubana (CIDMUC) Jon Griffin produced the very wonderful four-CD series entitled Official Retrospective of Cuban Music (UPC 758661930326) which is available from Tonga Productions--this collection is also known as Anthology of Traditional Cuban Music (TNG4CD 9303)

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