Tres Cubano For Sale $995 (revised February 9, 2015)

In stock, we have one Tres Cubano made in Europe

The Tres Cubano is a 3-course instrument with 6 or more strings used in Cuban popular music. The tuning is typically: gG, cc, ee (3rd to 1st course). Sometimes it is tuned one full step higher: aA, dd, f#f#. Another tuning is like the 3rd, 2nd and 1st strings of the guitar: gG, bb, ee.

Our workshop in Portugal now has computer operated equipment which accurately cuts and shapes parts and does preliminary fret work. Presently we have a model with solid spruce soundboard, laminated mongoy back. This is a fine sounding instrument and has the traditional shape. Here are the relevant dimension: 536mm actual scale length, 36mm string spacing from 1st to 6th at the nut, 43mm spacing at the saddle, width at the nut is 47mm . Lower bout 335mm, upper bout 240mm, body depth at upper bout 100mm, body depth at lower bout 105mm.

This instrument is SOLD OUT. The price was $995 plus shipping.

Method book and CDs for the Tres Cubano

For more information about Tres Cubano method book and CD press here.

If you contact me by email, please tell me where you are. This is important because California resident pay 8% sale tax and because if I do not know where you are I cannot calculate frieght costs.

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