Fernandez Music--Authorized importer of Vicente Sanchis Guitars. (June 29, 2014)

All of our Vicente Sanchis guitars have been sold off.....

Vicente Sanchis Guitars are made in Masanasa, a town near the Mediterranean city of Valencia, Spain. This artisan factory-workshop has about two dozen craftsmen who produce about 700 guitars per month. There are 30 models in their line of Spanish guitars which includes classicals, flamencos, requintos and salon-size instruments. These guitars range from production models with laminated backs to signed master luthier models made of solid, exotic woods. They also make Spanish style mandolines, and bandurrias and laudes which are 12-string Spanish folk citterns.

In the year 2000 Vicente Sanchis retired but his partner and his son (Manuel Alcoy) who had been running the workshop took over the business. They are using the same traditional techniques and have most of the same workers.

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