Resources on Classical and Flamenco Guitar Playing

Here are some resources which will help you learn more about Classical and Flamenco Guitars.

1. Excellent flamenco guitar methods are: Keys to Flamenco by Dennis Koster, books 1 (introduction) & 2 (advanced) with CD. $39.00 ea. The Flamenco Guitar by Juan D. Grecos (1973). A classic book on playing flamenco guitar. Clearly written with much traditional material--$39.00. Both are available through Fernandez Music.

2. An important resource on classical guitar from a performer's and teacher's viewpoint is the Soundboard, Journal of The Guitar Foundation of America.This is a non-profit foundation which is one of the world's largest classical guitar organizations . The foundation sponsors an international competition for solo classical performers each year as part of a week long festival. Membership includes 4 issues of the Soundboard per year (approx. 90 pages per issue). Subscription $30 per year. The Soundboard, P.O. Box 1240, Claremont, CA 91711.

I am a former member of the Board of Directors of this foundation.

3. Other important books are: Things about the Guitar by Jose Ramirez III, about $35.The Development of the Modern Guitar by John Huber, about $15. Antonio de Torres: Guitar maker--His Life & Work by Jose Romanillos--this is a masterpiece and should be read by all players and luthiers--it is now available in paperback.

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