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At this time (August 2018) we do not have any requintos. Below is the last requinto we had. It was a very nice Requinto with Spruce face and Palo Escrito body made in Mexico by M.T. Navarro Alvarez.

This fine requinto has a solid Spruce soundboard, Palo Escrito back and sides, cocobolo fingerboard and bridge, 51mm nut width, 550mm scale, 110mm body depth at base (this is standard for Mexican Requinto as opposed to requintos made in Spain which have a body depth of 100mm and therefore a different sound). It has a 3.2mm string height at 12th fret for 6th string and 2.8mm string height at 12th fret for 1st string. 2mm bone is still protruding above the wood of the saddle, white dot at 7th fret on side of fingerboard.  I have personally done the fret refinement and set-up of this requinto. Price with hardshell case and extra strings:  $1195 FOB Anacortes, Washington.

There is a video on YouTube of this requinto at:

Hardshell Case for the Navarro Requinto

When applied to musical instruments, the term requinto is used in Spanish to mean a smaller, higher-pitched version of another instrument.

Requintos with 550mm scale use lower tension strings than classical guitars. Some string makers (e.g. Mari) market such low tension strings as 'Requinto" strings. Some "low tension" classical strings work well on requintos. Normal tension or high tension classical guitar strings are too tight for modern requinto (with 545mm to 550mm scales) and will usually break. If you want to use normal tension classical strings on a 550mm scale requinto it will probably be necessary to tune the instrument lower (that is G, C, F, Bb, d, g-- 6th to 1st string). Years ago there were some requintos with shorter scales. Forty years ago I had one with a 535mm scale from Mexico. In the 1990's some Spanish makers put out "requintos" with 575mm scales which could not be tuned to A (5th fret on the standard classical guitar).

The  Mexican requinto guitar is a six-string nylon guitar with a scale length of 530 to 555mm, this is about 18% smaller than a standard classical guitar scale (650 to 665mm). Nut width range from 52 to 48mm. Many requintos have cutaways. Requintos made in Mexico typically have a deeper body (115mm to 120mm) than a standard classical guitar (100mm to 105mm), while requintos made in Spain tend to be of the same depth as the standard classical. In Mexico, the requinto is typically used in a "trio romantico", which includes the use of two other guitars along with the requinto.

There are small, medium, and large bodied requintos. The small and medium are usually tuned: A, D, G, c, e, a. (like a guitar fretted at the 5th fret). Occasionally, one comes across a long-scale requinto--with a scale of 570 to 585mm. Such instruments should be tuned G, C, F, b flat, d, g (like the 3rd fret on a standard guitar) in order not to put too much stress on the soundboard.

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