As of January 2017 all models shown below on this page have been sold. I do not have any more stock.

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I am continuing to display this page from January 2015 for information purposes for buyers and seller.

R. Fernandez Classical Guitars made by Esteve Guitars . Real Spanish Guitars made in Spain.

Models: "Fernandez Valencia", R.Fernandez 40, R.Fernandez 40-4864, R. Fernandez 70, R.Fernandez 70-4864Cutaway

These Spanish guitars are upgraded models of various Esteve Guitars designs which have evolved in response to my suggestions over many years. They feature deluxe tuners, real bone saddles and nut, plastic string guard below the bridge, my choice of soundboard bracing, straight forward ornamentations, good materials, and custom fret works and set-up by me (Ron Fernandez). These guitars have been well received by many players and are a good value for a well built Spanish guitar.

As I have entered into semi-retirement I have none few of these models left in stock.

The R.Fernandez 40 has a solid western red cedar soundboard, rosewood fingerboard, rosewood fingerboard, laminated African Ovankol (AKA Mongoy) back and sides, real wood rosette (not a decal), real wood binding around the face, 3 strut Spanish fan bracing, deluxe tuners, 52mm nut width, 650mm scale, lower bout 360mm, upper bout 280mm, body depth 103mm, body length 490mm, overall length 1000mm. List Price was $650. SOLD no more stock (January 2017)

Photo of R.Fernandez 40 Classical GuitarPhoto of Back of R.Fernandez 40 Guitar

R.Fernandez 40-- Face and back

Real wood rosette of R.Fernandez

Photo of Tuners and Head of R.Fernandez 40 Guitar

Head of R.Fernandez 40

Bridge of R.Fernandez 40

NARROW NUT/SHORT SCALE. The R.Fernandez 40-4864 is the same as the R.Fernandez 40 but has a 48mm nut width and 640mm scale. This model is intended to be an instrument for people with smaller hands or for steel string guitar players who want to cross over to a nylon string guitar. Since they are just slightly smaller they can be tuned to standard guitar pitch. At 48mm the nut is a little over 1/8" smaller than a standard classical guitar and with a 640mm scale the scale is about 3/8" shorter--these differences are enough to make a difference for some people but not too small to prevent the average person from playing them. The list price for the R.Fernandez 40-4864 was $695. SOLD No more stock (Jan 2017)


The R.Fernandez 70 has solid western red cedar sound board, solid Indian rosewood back and sides, ebony fingrboard, rosewood bridge with string block inlay, 5 strut Spanish fan bracing, deluxe real wood rosette, real wood binding, real bone saddle and nut, deluxe tuners. 52mm nut width, 650mm scale, 380mm lower bout, 295mm upper bout, 105mm body depth, 490mm body length. Sold Out, no more stock.

Front Photo of R.Fernandez 70 Clasical GuitarBack Photo of R.Fernandez 70 Guitar

R.Fernandez 70 Front view and back view

Photo of R.Fernandez 70 Cutaway GuitarBack of R.Fernandez 70 Cutaway guitar

R.Fernandez 70-4864 Cut)--Photos of Front and Back

Rosette of R.Fernandez 70 models

Head and Tuners of R.Fernandez 70 Guitar

Head of R.Fernandez 70 with Deluxe Tuners

Bridge of R.Fernandez 70

Below is a photo of the clear plastic string guard I put on my R.Fernandez models. It protects the face of the guitar from the damage of string ends and, hopefully, from the damage caused by breaking strings.

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