Playing the Lisbon Portuguese Guitarra by Ronald Louis Fernandez (continued)

Section 6. Playing Position and Foot Stool

A typical playing position 90+ years ago.

Drawing from A Guitarra Portuguêsa por Manoel Gomes, 1929, "Position of Player".

Photo of me with my João Palmeiro guitarra

Some players center the guitarra and rest it on both thighs (as in the photo above). Others rest the guitarra on the right thigh. I find that if I rest it on the right thigh I feel more comfortable with a small footstool under by right foot.

Many players play with both feet on the ground, some good players, such as Carlos Gonçalves (one of Amalia favorite accompanists), use a small foot stool under the left foot. Such a stool should rise the foot about 3 to 4 inches (75 to 100 mm).

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