Octave Classical Guitar, Esteve 3G740: A comparison with Child's Guitar with 40cm scale, Esteve 3ST40,

Photo of Octave Classical Guitar by Esteve
Photo of Children's Guitar, 40 cm
Octave Guitar Esteve 3G740. Price: $1495 with case
Esteve 3ST40, Child's Guitar with 40cm (400mm scale) $795 with case

The Octave guitar and the Child's 40cm guitar are both tuned one octave higher than a standard classical guitar. These Esteve instruments both had a 19 fret scales which meets the body at the 10th fret.

The scale length of these guitars is called 40cm or 400mm but the string length actually measures 405mm . The octave guitar (3G740) has a 52mm nut width because it is intended for adult hand. The Child's guitar (3ST40) has a 48mm nut width to suit smaller hands. The Octave guitar is about 15mm wider and 10 mm deeper than the child's guitar. The Octave guitar has a 5 strut fan bracing and block lining while the Child's guitar has a simpler 3 strut fan bracing and simple one piece lining. The larger soundbox and the more complex bracing system gives the Octave guitar more projection and a louder sound. The ornamentation is more refined on the Octave Guitar--it has binding and ornamental purfling around the back and ornamental strips on the string tie block--the Child's Guitar does not have these features. The rosette is more refined on the Octave than the Child's Guitar.

These instruments were built in the Esteve workshop in Spain. Both have has a solid western red cedar face, a rosewood fingerboard, deluxe tuners, real bone nut and saddle. The Octave Guitar has solid Indian Rosewood sides and a laminated Indian Rosewood back, the 3ST40 has laminated African Sapeli-Mahogany back and sides. I have personally set-up and dressed the frets on each instrument

These types of instruments are usually used in guitar ensembles. Aside from group uses, these instrument are very pleaant for solo playing. They are loud and easy to play and a lot of fun. And, they are easy to travel with. I have very fine Spanish-made hardshell cases for each instrument.

Since thse guitars are tuned an octave above the standard guitar, it is possible to play directly from standard guitar music without any transposition. Since they are tuned an octave above the standard guitar, their sound cuts through that of a group of standard guitar. This is because humans hear better in the range of frequencies that the a 40cm scale produces in contrast to the range produced by the standard guitar with a 65cm scale. Human hearing is best between 1000 and 4000 Hertz (Hertz = cycles per second) . The highest "A" (the 17th fret) of a standard guitar has its fundamental frequency at 880 Hertz, the highest A of an octave guitar (its 17th fret) is 1760 hertz (the fundamental note's frequency).

Photo of back of Esteve Octave Guitar
Back of Children's 40cm Guitar
Back of Octave Guitar
Back of Esteve 3ST40

Close up view of Mosiacs in Rosette of Octave Guitar

Rosette of Octave Guitar

Deluxe Tuners on Octave Guitar

The Octave Guitar (3G740) has these Deluxe Tuners. I have put the exact same tuners onto the 3ST40.

Hardshell case for Octave Guitar

Deluxe Spanish hardshell case for the Octave (We only sell the cases with the octave guitar.)

Hardshell case for 40 cm Child's Guitar

Spanish Hardshell Case for 3ST40

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