Mexican Guitarmaker's Knife (The Paracho Big Knife)-- Sold Out.........

Paracho is an town in Michoacan province in Mexico where guitars and other instrument have been made for hundreds of years.

The guitarmakers in Paracho typically use a large curved blade knife to cut and shape most of the guitar. The video/DVD which I produced of Benito Huipe (Classical and Flamenco Guitarmaking with Benito Huipe) show him using the knife to cut the basic shape of the a soundboard, cutting fan braces, cutting the soundhole, cutting fan braces, shaping the neck, carving the neck heel, carving the interior "foot", working on the bridge, and other operations.

In Paracho these knives are handmade from old saw blades and from the hugh blade saw blades used to cut logs. Each knife is slightly different. they range from ones with 2" blades to ones with 4 inch blades.

Typically such blades did not have handles. You can wrap tape or cotton cords around the blade. Or, you can make your own wooden handle.

This is a very useful tool. I have come to depend on this knife for many repair operations in my shop.

Photo of blades showing the variety of shapes.

Photos of wrapping chord around the handle. The chord and be secured with some cyanoacrylate glue at the starting point.

Final Note

I have run out of these Mexican knives and I do not know when or if I will receive anymore. I moved from California to Anacortes, Washington in 2015 where I had a retired metal wortker make me copies of these knives. I found that they were quite simple to make for someone with some experience. So, if you like this design (and are not going to Paracho) I suggest that you work with a knifemaker near you. Show them the photos and have them make you a blank or a complet knife with a handle.


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