Fado and Portuguese Guitarra CD's

I have a small quantity of 2 very special CD's from Portugal. These contain authentic, traditional fados and music. Both were produced by Luis Penedo, a very talented guitarrist, who is also the President of the Academia da Guitarra

Portuguesa e do Fado (Academy of the Portuguese Guitar and Fado).


The first is entitled "Saudades do Fado: Tertúlia de Fado Tradicional. Fado e Guitarra Tradicionais de Lisboa". This is a marvalous CD. It is structured like a typical evening of fado (which is called a "tertúlia" of traditional fado). It starts with a guitarrada--which is a duet on the Portuguese guitar (Luis Penedo) and the Portuguese viola (João Machado). The "viola" used for fado is a steel string instrument structurally like the the Spanish guitar. This introductory music is the traditional start to the fado session and it sets the ambience for the singers and the audience. It consists of variations on traditional melodies. After this introduction, 3 fine singers each sing 2 songs They are Linda Leonardo, Maria do Carmo and Eurico Pavia. These fadistas perform their versions of traditonal fado melodies. In my opinion these singers capture the essence of a good evening of fado.

The second section of the tertúlia ("evening of fado") on the CD begins with another duet by Luis Penedo and João Machado--it is a march in the key of G. This duet is followed by 6 more charming and soulfully rendered pieces sung by Leonardo, Carmo and Pavia. The evening of fado is concluded by a guitarra and viola variation in D major.

This CD comes with a 20 booklet (in Portuguese) which explains about traditional fado and presents the words to each fado.

This CD is drenched in the magic of a night of fado in Lisbon.

The second CD--entitled Emoções 1 (Emotions 1) is an instrumental album of duets on the Portuguese guitarra played by Luis Penedo accompanied João Machado on the Portuguese viola. There are 10 original variations by Luis Penedo. These pieces are his reworking of traditional fado and folkloric melodies. I have known Luis for several years and I am very impressed with his playing. He has played since the 1950's and has studied with several of the greats on the guitarra Two of his teachers were Domingos Camarinha and Carlos Gonçalves--both of whom were long time accompanists to Amalia Rodrigues (the greatest fadista of the 20th century). He has a special sensitivity for this music and is technically true to the style of the Lisbon school of playing. In addition to his own pieces Luis plays a piece by the great Armandinho (the founder of the modern school of Portuguese guitarra) and a piece by the splendid Domingos Camarinha.

This CD comes with a 12 page booklet which discusses the technique of the Portuguese guitarra (Lisboa and Coimbra schools) and gives details about the pieces.

This CD is a splendid example of traditional style guitarradas.

These 2 CD's are part of a limited edition and are not sold through the standard commercial distributors. Each of the CD's is $27, plus shipping.

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