As of January 2017 we have sold out of all Juan Hernandez Guitars.

We are maintaining this page for information purposes.

Juan Hernandez--Constructor of Guitars. Made in Alboraia (Valencia), Spain--

Classical and Flamenco Guitars

Ron Fernandez and Juan Hernandez at the NAMM Convention
Juan Hernandez Iranzo was born in Turis (Valencia) Spain in the late 1940's. He began learning guitarmaking in the Francisco Esteve workshop at age 15. There he became an "oficial" (a certified guitarmaker) and later he became production manager of the Esteve workshop. For many years he has been involved with the construction of the deluxe models made at Esteve. Now, along with the assistance of 3 artisans, he is proud to offer a limited number of fine guitars under his own label made of very good woods and constructed with care and expertise.
Classical Guitars from Juan Hernandez--all solid wood

SEE a hi-definition VIDEO of a Spruce Juan Hernandez Profesor in an unlisted section of YouTube at:


Profesor with Spruce soundboard.

Profesor (this is the Spanish spelling of Professor with one "s") with solid cedar soundboard, solid Indian Rosewood, ebony fingerboard, real bone nut and saddle, fine wood purfling face and back, deluxe tuners, $2095


Estudio. Solid cedar soundboard, Solid African Mongoy (also known as Ovankol) back and sides, ebony fingerboard, real bone nut and saddle, deluxe tuners $1595 SOLD OUT

Concierto (signed) from Juan Hernandez. Solid cedar soundboard, Solid Indian Rosewood, ebony fingerboard, deluxe purfling, deluxe rosette, real bone nut and saddle.Sold OUT

Maestro (signed) from Juan Hernandez with elevated fingerboard. Solid Spruce soundboard, solid Amazonian Rosewood (Dalbergia Spruceana), shellac (French Polished) soundboard, ebony fingerboard, hand engraved Fustero tuners. This is a deluxe world-class concert guitar. Up to this time it has been preserved in my private collection. $6500 SOLD

Luthier. Indian Rosewood, world class concert guitar, french polished. SOLD OUT

Flamenco Guitars from Juan Hernandez

Juan Hernandez Estudio Flamenco (above) Solid spruce soundboard, solid sycamore back and sides, ebony fingerboard, real bone nut and saddle, clear tap plates, $1595. SOLD

Above: Juan Hernandez Profesor Flamenco. Solid Spruce soundboard, Solid Spanish Cypress (not sycamore) back and sides, ebony fingerboard, clear tap plates, deluxe tuners $2195. SOLD OUT

Juan Hernandez (signed) Flamenco Professional. Solid Spruce, solid premium grade Spanish cypress, ebony fingerboard, special bracing, fine wood purfling clear tap plates, special tuners. This is guitar has a a wonderful strong flamenco sound. The guitar is light weight. It has a very light fast feel. $3695 SOLD OUT

All of the above guitars were been personally set-up by Ron Fernandez. This involves precision leveling, recrowning, buffing and polishing the frets, and setting the string action. See section on the Fernandez Music "Custom Set-up". Special clear tap plates have been installed by Ron Fernandez in California.


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