Jeanette Thomson Fern├índez by Ronald Louis Fern├índez    Sept 16th version

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Jeanette, my wife of 49 years, passed away on Sunday August 14, 2022 at 9 am at Island Hospital in Anacortes, Washington.

I want to tell you about her life and show you photos of her family and friends

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Jeanette was born in Glasgow, Scotland on November 26, 1944. Apparently her mother intended to call her Jean but her friends thought there were too many Jeans around and suggested Jeanette as being more modern. Her middle name was Thomson which was her paternal grandmother's maiden name. Wilson was Jeanette's maiden name, from her father Henry Wilson. In Scotland she was always known as Jinty, when she moved to Canada in 1967 everyone called her Jeanette.

She was proud to say that she was born a Glaswegian, but she was actually raised 14 kilometres east in Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire.  During the 19th century this town was a center of the iron and coal mining. When Jeanette was growing up it was essentially a working class town which had passed its prime.  Consequently, most of Jeanette's contemporaries eventually moved elsewhere.

Scottish Family

Jeanette's father, Henry Wilson was born in August 29, 1909, in Airdrie (near to Coatbridge). He started as a slater (roofer) and eventually wound up as "Clerk of Works" (sometimes referred to as Master of Works) whose job was to oversee the construction of school buildings around Glasgow and also in Ireland. He played in a local brass band. He was in the civil defense during the WWII. He apparently sang a bit, as Jeanette said he would sing an old Stephen Foster song "Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair". For a working class man he was exceptionally well read. I inherited  a small part of his library after it had been picked over and it included Herodotus (the first history written in the western world), Shakespeare,  Chaucer,  Plato, Sophocles,  Virgil,  Epictetus, Charles Darwin, Robinson Crusoe (Daniel Defoe), Confucius, R. W. Emerson, the Life of Budda, the Koran, Mark Twain, George Borrow's The Bible in Spain (a book about Gypsies and traveling through Spain in the mid 19th century)  and, of course, Robert Burns (the 18th century nationalist Scottish poet). I never got to meet him. He would have been interesting to talk to!

 Jinty and Dad 1946                                                                              Jeanette about 3                                                           

 Henry Wilson

Jeanette told me that he often bought her books on a wide variety of topics. As an adult she still cherished the Alice in Wonderland that he had bought her. From her stories it is clear that she was instilled with a love of reading and books by her father.

Jeanette's mother was Jemima Hepburn Lynch born July 19, 1919 in Coatbridge. Apparently she lived on a farm when she was young. She read mainly romance novels.  She liked listening to Radio Clyde (the local commercial station as opposed to the BBC). She had a thick lowland Scottish accent. She had a friendly sense of humor. She was well loved by her friends and family with whom she shared thousands of cups of tea. After Henry's passing she worked with her sister Peg in the kitchen of the local school.  She married Henry in 1932. Their first daughter was Margaret (b.1937 d. 2019) and their last was Jeanette in 1944.  A few years after Julia, her granddaughter, was born Jeanette and I brought Jemima to California for a visit--it was her first ever airplane trip. Through a contact at Air Canada Jeanette got her ticket upgraded to first class. When she got off the plane she said," I don't see why people find airplane travel a bother." We took her to Disneyland and she was tickled when she met Mickey Mouse in the Main Street Square. She said, "I can't believe I'm here." Julia was able to visit Jemima in Coatbridge several times as she grew up. They were lucky to kn
ow each other. Jemima died on May 13, 1992.