Classical and Flamenco Guitarmaking with Benito Huipe: Extended DVD Version (2 DVD set) 3 hours. $25.00 plus shipping. Produced and written by Ronald Louis Fernandez.


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This 2 DVD set shows a skilled artisan making fine classical and flamenco guitars with hand tools. It is a digitally remastered version of the classic 1994 video tape. Benito Huipe was born in Paracho, Michoacan, Mexico and there he learned traditional guitarmaking methods. Upon his immigration to California he incorporated guitar building techniques used by makers from other countries.

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This version is 80 minutes longer than the original VHS tape version. It includes 60 chapters which makes it easy to navigate through the DVDs . All the scenes have been re-cut. There is a new voice over, there are new titles, new scenes, new scene transitions. There is a lot of detail in these 3 hours.


The 2 DVDs

Table of Contents of Part 1 (on the red labeled DVD)--1 hour and 40 minutes


1. Platilla and Molde

Benito shows the template for the body and the assembly board with the inclined neck ramp

2. The Soundboard

Shows how to plane the edges of the rough soundboard panels and how to glue them together.

3. Thinning the Soundboard

Demonstrated using a long plane to smooth the joined soundboard.

4. Trimming Soundboard

Using the traditional Paracho kn ife to rough trim the soundboard to shape.

5. Locating Soundboard

Using the plantilla to locate the soundhole.

6. Routing Rosette Channel

Uses electric router to cut a shallow channel for the rosette

7. Inlaying Mosaic Tiles

Shows the trimming of wooden mosaic tiles and fitting them into the rosette channel.

8. Gluing Mosiaic Tiles

Using hot animal hide glue Benito glues in the mosaic tiles, then clamps them down into the channel.

9. Cutting the Soundhole

Using the traditional Paracho knike, a route bit and a workboard, Benito cuts a round hole in the soundboard.

10. Soundhole Reinforcement

Trimming, planing, sanding a piece of wood to reinforce the rosette area under the face.

11. Contrapuente

The making and gluing of a reinforcement strip under the bridge.

12. Fan Braces

Making and gluing on fan braces.

13. Transverse Braces

Making and gluing braces which go across the soundboard.

14. Bracing Patterns

Benito shows and discusses classical and flamenco bracing patterns.

15. Back or Fondo

Planing and gluing together the back panels.

16. Reinfrocement Strip

Ron cuts and glues on a reinfrocement strip onto a glued up back.

17. Back Braces

Trimming and gluing back braces onto a 3-piece Brazilian Rosewood back.

18. Sides and Aros

Cutting the sides and thicknessing the sides.

19. Bending Sides with Blanket

Shaping the sides over a mold using a silicon rubber heating blanket.

20. Bending over a Pipe

Showing how sides are ebetn over a hot pipe.

21. Joining Neck and Head

Cutting a head peice with a handsaw and then gluing the angled head to the neck.

22. Heel Block

Ron makes a laminated heel block and glues it to the base of the neck.

23. Slotting the Heel

Cutting slots into the heel block to allow for inserting of the sides.

24. Shaping Heel and Foot

Rasping and carving the heel and foot.

25. Base Block

Gluing and shaping the block which joins the sides at the base of the guitar.

26. Attaching Soundboard to Neck

Cutting a step at the bottm of the neck to allow for gluing on the soundboard.

27. Attaching to the Molde

Affixing ther neck-soundboard to the workboard.

28. Inserting Sides into Neck

Trim sides so they fit nto slots at the bottom of the neck.

29. Assembly on the Molde

Putting ther sides and neck-soundboard assembly together.

30. Block Style Lining

Tiny wooden blocks are used to glue the soundboard to the sides.

31. Kerfed Lining

Kerfed wooded strips are glued to the inside of the sides to receive the back.

32. Fittting the Back

Clamping the back to the sides.

Gigi and the end of Part 1

A small black poodle marks the end of part1.


Table of Contents--Part 2 (on the yellow labeled DVD)--1 hour 22 minutes


33. Making Laminated Binding

Shows hand cutting veneeers strips with Paracho knife, and then affixing them together with string while gluing.

34. Routing Binding Ledges

Using an electric router to cut binding channel along the edges of soundbox.

35. Gluing Binding--Back

Applying glue and then taping binding around back of soundbox.

36. Gluing Purfling Around Face

Gluing ornamental purfling around face into a step ledge between binding ledge and soundboard.

37. Routing Channel at Base

Cutting a channel with an electric router to allow for inlay of ornamental wood strips at base of guitar.

38. Gluing Base Strip

Leveling and gluing in of veneers into channel at base of guitar.

39. Fingerboard

Leveling neck surface for fingerboard, cutting finergboard to size, planing edges on a shooting board. Ramping the underside of the fingerboard over thesoundboard, cutting off th excess wood which overhangs into soundhole, applying hot an imal hide glue and clamping fingerboard to neck.

40. Headstock Overlay

Gluing and clamping on laminated veneers onto the head.

41. Heel Shaping

Th use of knife, chisel and file to shape the heel.

42. Neck Shaping

Carving with the Paracho knife, using the spokeshave and sanding back of neck.

43. Drill and Slot Head

Free hand drilling roller holes. Routing, sanding and filing head slots.

44. Flamenco Head Template

Marking and drilling holes for flamenco pegs.

45. Creating Head Design

Drilling, sawing, carving and sanding to create a unique head design.

46. Cutting Fret Slots

Marking and sawing fret slots by hand.

47. Nut Slot

Hand cutting slot for nut.

48. Fretboard and Neck Relief

Preparing fretboard before fretting sanding in neck relief.

49. Fretting

Cutting frets to size, bending frets, hammering frets into fretboard, snipping off overhang and filing ends smooth.

50. Making the Bridge

Cutting blank for bridge, marking out sections of bridge, routing saddle slot, valley and string block ledge. Handcarving, sanding and filing bridge to shape. Inlaying veneer and bone ornamentation.

51. Bridge Placement

Locating bridge's distance from 12th fret.

52. Compensation

Remarks about intonation

53. Aligning the Bridge

Checking bridge placementin relation to 1st and 6th strings.

54. Gluing on Bridge

Gluing on and clamping on the bridge. This section is a dry run.

55. Preparation for Finishing

Scraping and sanding before lacquer finishing.

56. Lacquer Finishing

A brief overview of steps in lacquer finishing.

57 Cleaning Fretboard

Removing tape and steel wooling fretboard.

58. Fitting Tuners

Screwing in the machine tuners.

59. Nut and Saddle

Making the nut and saddle from a piece of boiled beef bone. Shaping, filing and fitting these parts.

60. Finished Guitar

View of completed and lacquered guitar. Benito's original farewell.


Benito 12 years later in his shop in Paracho, Mexico.

Ron Playing Guitar

Ron shows a 2006 Benito Huipe guitar of Palo escrito which Ron has French polished. Then Ron plays his original flamenco Bulerias composition

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