Guitar Cases

Classical guitar case made of rigid styrofoam

interior of case showing humidity gauge

top of case showing outside pouch

back of case showing triangle shaped "hooks" for attaching shoulder straps (which are included)


Full size classical guitar case with hygrometer (humidity gauge), shoulder straps, and exterior music pocket $110+shipping.

I really like these cases. I keep some of our best instruments in them. They are made from a rigid stryofoam and covered with a black nylon--they are not gig bags. There is an exterior pocket which is perfect for holding a lot of music. [Music books should NEVER be put into the case with the guitar.] The shoulder strap is also very comfortable.

These cases will properly protect your instruments as you carry them around town, or transport them in your car. I do not recommend them for shipping in an airplane compartment--but I do NOT recommend any case for such use--I have seen damage by the airlines to the most durable cases.

After you try this case, it will probably become your favorite.

Spanish Cases

Photo of interior of Esteve Deluxe Hardshell case

Photo of exterior of Esteve Deluxe Hardshell Case

Esteve Deluxe Hardshell Case--made in Spain by Esteve, $199 (recommended for Esteve model 8, 9 C/B, 11, 6F, 9F, 11F and all Juan Hernández guitars). This is our current Deluxe Spanish case.


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