French Polishing and Expert Repairs by Ron Fernandez

Fernandez Music-Irvine, California Phone: 949-856-1537, Fax: 949-856-1529

I do a limited amount of outside repair work because I am largely occupied with setting-up the instruments we import. Therefore, I restrict my repair work to fine guitars made in Spain or Portugal, and Latin American fretted folk instruments (e.g., charangos, requintos).

Each job will be quoted upon seeing the instrument. Here is my repair prices for your information.

My specialty is french polishing (see my video, French Polishing for Guitarmaker 2.0

Guitar Repair Prices


Regluing $90

Removing old bridge quoted per job


Custom made, bone $80


Custom made, bone $70


Regluing $35 to $90

Cracks & Separations

Gluing & Cleating $20/inch


Dressing, Leveling & Polishing $95

Filing back extruding frets $50

Complete Fret Replacement $300

Installing Machine Heads

Labor only $40


French polish quoted per job

Nitrocellulose quoted per job

Catalyzed Lacquer quoted per job

Finishing (on new wood)

French Polish (hand applied spirit varnish) $1100


Stripping damaged lacquer finish then applying French Polish quoted per job

Polishing & Buffing

Finish $75

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