Flamenco Guitar Methods

Here are some flamenco guitar instructional materials we recommend.

Dennis Koster's The Keys to Flamenco Guitar, book 1 and book 2, each book comes with its own CD. These are excellent books. Dennis Koster studied with Sabicas and Mario Escudero and he uses examples from their pieces as well as from Diego del Gastor, NiƱo Ricardo and even Paco de Lucia. All examples in the the books are writtern in music notation and tablature--and all examples are played on the CD. Price $39.95 each book (CD included), now $25 per book plus shipping. See below for how to order.

For books. add $5.00 per shipment for delivery in the U.S., $7.00 for Canada.

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Chuck Keyser's Academy of Flamenco Guitar 4 CD course NOW on 1 DVD

Above are four innocent looking CD's which can change your life if you really want to learn to play like a gypsy from Southern Spain. This is the Ph.D. course for flamenco guitarists!

It will teach you the structure of flamenco guitar music and the flamenco techniques which will allow you to create new falsetas and improvise within the flamenco forms. It explains how to accompany singers and dancers. It explains music theory as it applies to the flamenco guitar. It includes great musical examples as really played by flamenco guitarists from southern Spain-- these example are presented in notation, tablature, audio files and many also in video files.

I met Chuck Keyser the in the 1967 at University of California Santa Barbara just before he went to Moron de la Frontera in Andalusia to learn from the legendary Diego del Gastor and his nephews. Diego's family are very admired in the flamenco world for their authentic and pure flamenco, especially their Bulerias. Chuck's analytic mind and his great persistence over many years lead him to decipher the hidden structure of the traditional flamenco he learned from Diego.


This course includes a tremendous amount of material.

CD 1--Current material

Toque Flamenco. The most recent version of his Flamenco method.

The Compas Analysis. An analysis of flamenco forms focussing on the rhythmic foundations essential for all performers (dancers, singers and guitarists)

Music Theory for Flamenco. A foundation in music theory as applied to flamenco.

The above have been written since 1993.

CD 2--Legacy material

Falseta Collection 1. Alegrias, Bulerias Solea, Siguiriyas falsetas. These falsetas from great players are transcribed in notation and tablature and are hyperlinked to audio files. Many of the Bulerias falsetas are hyperlinked to video files. The audio for the collection was recorded in 1974 and the video was taped in 1993.

The Flamenco Guitar consists of Introduction to Flamenco and Lessons 1 to 6 (i.e., the original correspondance course). It is hyerlinked to audio examples. The Flamenco Guitar was written and recorded in 1973.

CD 3--Palos in 2/4, 4/4

Videos in Quicktime movies about the flamenco forms in 2/4 and 4/4. For example, the Farucca Family (Farucca, Garrotin, Rumba Gitana, Tangos, Taranto, Zambra), and the Tientos Family (Tientos, Tanguillos, Zapateado).

CD 4--Palos in 6/8 and 3/4

Videos in Quicktime movies about flamenco forms in 6/8, 3/4 (3/8). For example, the Soleares Family (Soleares, Bulerias, Alegrias, Alegrias por Rosa, Romeras, Caracoles and Cantiñas, Peteneras and Guajiras), The Fandango Family (Fandango de Huelva, Veriales [Fandangos de Malaga] Sevillanas), Free Forms (Fandangos Grandes, Malagueñas, Granadinas, Tarantas, Siguiriyas and Serranas).

We use to sell this course for $80, however, Chuck has retired and he has decided to share his life's work with the world for free. You can now down load all of the materials from his website:


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