Fernandez Music, ron@fernandezmusic.com. Ronald Fernández in Anacortes, Washington (May 12, 2022)

Félix Manzanero--Constructor de Guitarras-(1937-2019). Trained by the Ramírez Family he became an outstanding and original luthier making remarkable classical and flamenco guitars in the Madrid Tradition. He also collected important instruments made since the 18th century. This video shows a bit of his collection and captures some of his personality.

I casually videotaped these segments in 1994 to 2001. Come see the enchanting shop of a first rate Spanish Guitarmaker.

You can find out more about the career of Félix, his famous collection of old guitars and about the current work of his son, Iván Manzanero at: www.guitarrasmanzanero.es

For more information on the Fernandez Music website go to: http://www.fernandezmusic.com/ManzaneroGuitars.html