Esteve Contrabass.  (June 20, 2019)

I have sold out of contrabasses and I will not be importing anymore.

Below is the webpage I use to run on my website about 10 years ago about Esteve Contrabases.


Nylon String Contrabass (Nylon String Bass Guitar) 4 String and 6 String models. Made in Spain.

Esteve Classical Contrabass (Contrabajo de Guitarras Esteve) 4 cuerdas y 6 cuerdas

Esteve PS75 Contrabass. 4string and 6 string models

Esteve contrabasses have a solid cedar soundboard, an ebony fingerboard, an ebony reinforcement in the neck and solid Indian rosewood sides. The rosewood back is laminated for strength because of the size of the body. The nut and saddle are real bone. I, Ron Fernandez, personally set-up the action and refine the frets on each contrabass.

This instrument has a 750mm scale length, the upper bout is 325mm, lower bout is 418mm, body length is 565mm, overall length is 1130mm, body depth is 115mm, the nut is 48mm for the 4-string model but 52mm for the 6 string model.

These instruments are used in guitar orchestras, as part of classical guitar quartets, jazz groups, American folk groups, and church music groups. They have also become popular among fado musicians in Portugal. Essentially, they are used where a string bass or electric bass would be used.

The nylon strings used on the contrabass produce a unique warm sound. The nylon strings are like the bass strings on a classical guitar--the core is composed of many thin nylon filaments and then thin metal wire is wrapped around the core.

Musicians who are use to playing steel string guitar basses are usually amazed with the warm, full sound of these nylon string contrabass.

The 6 string model is tuned an octave below the standard classical guitar. The 4 string model is tuned an octave below the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th strings of the standard classical guitar. With this tuning it is very simple for a player of standard guitar to play the contrabass.

A Deluxe custom size hardshell case is included with the instrument.

Deluxe Contrabass Case made by Esteve

Photo of 4-string model of the Esteve PS75 with 750mm scale compared with standard 650mm scale Esteve 8 (left). The difference in the scale length between a standard classical guitar and the Esteve Contrabass is about 4 inches (100mm).

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