Baroque Guitar, 5 course (9 strings) by Julius Gido 1976)

I sold out of the Sellas copies which we had for a few years. They were made in Pakistan.  They had some interesting aspects to them such as their nice design, moveable frets and reasonable price. They were nice production instruments.  The original importer discontinued them.

The Baroque Guitar I have in my private collection was made in 1976 in Los Angeles by Julius Gido (it is #1).   It was, my friend, Richard Glenn's instrument. It has 9 strings in 5 courses. The soundboard is Spruce, the fingerboard is ebony, the body is probably sycamore (it could be a related species). The tuning pegs work very well. There are no cracks. I did a French Polish (shellac) touch up on the back. It has been played very little. It has tied-on gut frets, plus a few glued on frets on the soundboard. I have a good fitting case for it. It is a much better instrument than the Sellas copy. It is valued at $2000.

The Baroque Guitar is tuned like the Spanish Guitar except that it has no 6th course. There are several variations of the tuning and stringing.  Most courses have 2 strings, my instrument has a single string for the first couse. Some courses are in unison and some are in octaves. These double string courses produce a very haunting sound.

The music of Gaspar Sanz was written for Baroque Guitar. perhaps the most famous piece is the lively Canarios. These are good transcriptions of his music in tablature and notation.

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