Fernandez Music, P.O. Box 2130, Anacortes, Washington Phone: 949-856-1537 email: ron@fernandezmusic.com      (revised June 10, 2024). 

I am sad to announce the passing of my wife and life's partner on August 14, 2022.  Press on her name for a story of her life with photos: Jeanette Fernandez.
For a video about Jeanette on YouTube, press on the title: Moments with Jeanette

I am sad to announce the passing of my girlfriend Connie Barker. You can read her story and see a short video by pressing on her name: Connie Barker

Established 1985 by Ronald Louis Fernandez and Jeanette Fernandez 

For sale: Classical & Flamenco Guitars, Portuguese Guitarras, Latin American Fretted Instruments, Ukuleles. For education:  Videos, articles and transcriptions for Portuguese Guitar.

In December 2015 we moved from Irvine, California to Anacortes, Washington State.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Now in "quasi" retirement"  I continue to handle a few fine instruments which I have imported, repaired or French Polished. And, as a public service, I share resources for playing the Portuguese guitarra.  

Ron Fernandez refining frets on a Portuguese guitar

Ron Fernandez leveling frets.

Press here to read and watch VIDEO about my custom set-up.

Fernandez Music was established in 1985 but my experience with Spanish luthiers extends back to 1965 when my father and I started to deal with guitarmakers from his homeland. Since the 1990's I have imported over 13,000 guitars and I have personally set-up the last 8,000 of them. See Ronald Louis Fernandez PLAY FLAMENCO AND PORTUGUESE GUITARS on the local TV program Let It Shine!

Italian Corona
          Guitar made in 1880
Ulisses Portuguese Guitar
Esteve Requinto Guitar
Esteve Tres Cubano Guitar
          Spanish Laud
Vicente Sanchis Flamenco Guitars Cutaways
Rosette of Felix
          Manzanero Guitar

          Adalid Classical Guitar
Two Bolivian Charangos

Spanish Classical & Flamenco Guitars

Portuguese Guitars and Fado

Latin Guitars & Ukes

Latin Fretted Instruments


DVD's by Ron Fern�ndez

Esteve Guitars

Esteve Deluxe/ Manuel Adalid Models

Juan Hernandez Guitars

Vicente Sanchis Guitars

R.Fernandez Models cutaways, narrow necks, with Fishman amplification

Octave Guitar and Child's 40cm Guitar


Great Flamencos and Classicals--For Sale

Miguel Rodriguez Flamencos

Felix Manzanero Classical & Flamenco

Portuguese Guitars (guitarras portuguesas)--For Sale

Master Grade Portuguese Guitarras--For Sale

String Winders and Strings for Portuguese Guitarras

Playing the Portuguese Guitarra (Lisbon Style) by Ron Fernandez (a free internet lesson)--with embedded videos

Watch VIDEO on playing Fado Menor on Portuguese Guitar (lesson 2)

Watch VIDEO on playing Fado Maior on Portuguese Guitar (lesson 3)

Watch VIDEO on Making Unhas (Fingerpicks) for Portuguese Guitar: PART 1

Watch VIDEO on Making Unhas (Fingerpicks) for Portuguese Guitar: PART 2

Two Amalia Rodrigues Songbooks of Fados. Sold Out

4 Fado Songbooks from Melodias de Sempre. Sold Out

Fado Portugues, a songbook by Donald Cohen  IN STOCK- music and words for 26 great fados with CD

Luis Penedo CD's--one with fado singers and one of Portuguese Guitar instrumentals. Sold Out

Portuguese Guitar Method Books for Lisbon Style Fado by Eurico Cebolo Books 1. 2, 3. 4 & 5. Also, Sounds of Lisbon, solos transcribed by Marcio Silva. SOLD OUT

Portuguese Guitarra Collection. Jo�o Miguel Andrade Guitarra

Portuguese Guitarra by Joaquim Pedro dos Reis 1764


Bandurrias-from Spain

Charango from Bolivia

Charango Tuning, Strings & Method Books


Lauds from Spain


Tres Cubanos For Sale

Tres Cubano Method Book & CD $16.95 +shipping

Ukuleles by Kiwaya for Sale


Cejillas (Spanish Flamenco Capos)--out of stock

Flamenco Guitar Method Books--Koster's method and Chuck Keyer's Couirse

Flamenco Tap Plates

Fustero Gold Guitar Tuners for Spanish Guitars

Guitar Tuners (machine heads) for Classical and Flamenco Guitars

Guitar Covers (Zambra Guitar Cozy)

Guitar Cases

Mari Strings: classical, flamenco, bass sets, requinto, childrens, charango, tres cubano

Mexican Guitarmaker's Knife!


Classical and Flamenco Guitarmaking with Benito Huipe Extended DVD Version

French Polishing for Guitarmakers 2.0

Violin Bow Rehairing with Roger Foster



French Polishing & Shellac

Shellac for Guitarmakers and French Polishers

Shellac Project

Shellac Sampler

French Polishing for Guitarmakers 2.0

French Polishing & Repair Services



Felix Manzanero visits Ron Fernandez in California

The Fernandez Music "Custom Set-Up"--a photo essay and video

Flamenco vs Classical Construction

"Handmade" vs Factory Made

On Judging Guitar Quality

Photos of early 19th century classical guitar. Can you identify it?

The Traditional Spanish Method (very important to read)


Academy of Flamenco Guitar

Playing the Portuguese Guitarra Lisbon Style (an Internet lesson)

Resources on Guitarmaking

Resources on Guitarplaying

If you want to contact me by e-mail, click on my address: ron@fernandezmusic.com